Blue Flower




* 1).Down & Out But Still Up & At It

(Comedy re. Pioneers. 1 male,1 female - Adults)

A Pioneering Couple find Life in the Bush somewhat difficult but they persevere - well sort of!

* 2).A Start For A Lonely Heart

(Comedy re.Failed Romance. 1 male,1 female - Adults) Phylis, from the newspaper, wants to get married in the worst possible way & Lonely-hearted Ron mistakes her reason. In a classic piece of mis-understanding it is Ron who misses out & receives a "start" or big surprise for his error!

* 3). Mental Health Check

(Comedy re. Psych Science. 2 male or 1 M & 1 F - Adults)

The Patient is not quite as mad as his Doctor.

* 4). Verballed

(Comedy re. Police Interview. 2 male parts or 1 male, 1 female – Adults)

A Shopkeeper is verballed by a grizzled Policeman about a robbery occasioning a questionable assault. There is something of a surprise ending.

* 5). Miracle Cell Therapy

(Comedy re. A Couple of Old Timers Rejuvenated.(1 male + 1 Female - Adult + 2 young females & 1 male .) (T. Cast = 5)

In a science fictional setting an Older Couple enter a Clinic to be rejuvenated. Here they meet a "youngish" nurse who turns out to be well over 100 years old! In a sort of last minute confession (as they think) they conjure up shocking & comic memories.

* 6). The Strange Episode of Joyce’s Engagement

(Australian Drama. 5 Adults + 1 Y.A.) Set in the 1920's

Joyce is to be married to, as it turns out, a strange young man. In this true & alarming story Joyce ends up not marring her young man but such is entirely not her fault.

* 7). How the Teapot Got the Dent in it

(Comedy for Children +1 Adult male, 1 Adult female)

A short story in which a tight-fisted father gets his come-uppance.

8). Tinkering

(Futuristic Comedy. 1 male,1 fem. OR 2 each, + a Boy-walk on part)

A futuristic science fiction yarn involving Fred & Mabel Fotheringham & their young son William. It appears the “New World Order” has won out but in this optimistic version of events we are left to wonder?

9). A More Ancient Rhyme

(Comedy re. Middle- Age . 1 male, 1 female Adult)

A comedy  about a couple whose romance appears in the years of it's decline. Compared to Coleridge’s classic poem “The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner” we see a more persistent situation taking place than that described in the poem - hence the title.

10). Quantum Leap.

(Comedy re. 2 Council workers & Gas pipe explosion. 2 males Adult + 2 more adults at the end).

A pair of Council workers Bluey & Alf are unexpectedly removed to a different dimension. They gradually awake to the new reality.

11). The Last Time We Said Goodbye.

(Drama re. A couple who never do quite end their relationship. 1 male,1 female Adult)

This play reveals how the romance of Cindy with her dead husband seems to overpower that with the living Alvin. Perhaps we are outgunned in our struggles with the (persistent) departed. Nevertheless “last” has two meanings – ie. “final” or “most recent”. Which applies the most here?

12). Bill.

(Comedy re. A Couple who acquire an ex-racehorse. 1 male, 1 female Adult)

A  domestic comedy involving Don – a horse-loving husband who brings an unexpected gift to his fastidious wife Prudence, on the occasion of their wedding anniversary.

13). Conspiracy.

(Comedy with 1 Teenage Boy & 1 Teenage Girl)

Conspiracy depicts a teenage couple who are obliged to resort to subterfuge to hide their mutual interest. A surprise ending takes place.

14) Two Friends

(Drama with 2 Adult (mature) Males + 2 Adult Females +3 or 4 other Males (Incl. Double-ups) + various younger people - say 6.)

“Two Friends” is a period piece (C 3rd. B.C.) which involves Pontian & Hippolyte  - Pope elect & Anti-Pope respectively. While opponents within the Church, both are sentenced to the lead mines simultaneously by the Roman Government, & while there are reconciled.


15). Mind Reader's Club

(Cast 1 Y.A. Female 1 Y.A. Male)

“Mind Readers Club” is a mimed skit in which both Librarian & Customer communicate without actually speaking - & end up happily in each others company.

16). Judgment on a Bigamist

(Cast 2 Adult Males + 1 Adult Female + Various)

“Judgment On A Bigamist” is a direct quote from Justice Maule from C19th . I thought it worthy of dramatization as it stands & is not changed in the least. Also it depicts legal variations from our present time.


* Seven Ages of Man: A series of short plays depicting Shakespeare’s “Seven Ages of Man”.


(Cast 4 Adult Females + 4 Male Adults + Various)

“Infancy” is about Pat who is in Labour Ward delivering her first. She is having second thoughts!

(Comedy re. Birth in public hospital. 5 male, 5 female – Adults &/or Y.A.)


(A Play for Several Children + 2 Teenage Girls + 1 Adult Female)

“Childhood” is about children at a bus stop. It involves a mime play & a song -“Boy Germs”.


(Cast 5 Teenage girls + 1 Teenage Male)

“The School Camp” is about various pranks the growing children get up to.


(Cast 2 Y.A.Females + 1 Adult Female + 2 Y.A. Males)

“Flatting Gone Flat” depicts troubles Young Adults encounter.


(Cast 7 Adult Females + 6 Adult Males + 1 Mature Male)

“School Reunion” shows romance problems that mature adults may encounter as they relive their earlier days.


(Cast 2 Mature Females + 2 Mature males + Various)

“Retirement” depicts a pair of older couples playing Bingo.


(Cast 12 Females [can use teenagers or Y.A.] + 3 Males [same] + Children)

“A New Dementia” is about a retirement home where everything important is disappearing – including mental powers.



(Cast 3 Teenage boys + 1 Female - Mature)

A Skit in which people drop mysteriously dead during the making of a T.V. ad for Katie’s Crummy Cookies.


(Cast for 3 Teenage Girls & 2 Teenage Boys)

Shortbread concocted during schooldays pays off in later life – though questionably!


(Cast 2 Adult Males 2 Adult Females)

The Boss & wife come to visit but there is nothing in the cupboard – except dog’s dinner!


(Cast 2 Adult Males (leads) + 1 Female (Lead) + several Female & Male others + Children)

A short Musical in which Harry gets the girl during a train trip which involves an imaginary exotic holiday


(Cast 1 Adult Male (lead) + 1 Adult female (lead) + Several Others - Adults & youth)

A Short Musical in which the Hero loses the girl but gets to keep their pet bird.